Poulet ala mautarde is a French dish and served as main course item in food course menu. Chicken marinated in mustard sauce and cooked in béchamel sauce (see sauce theory for preparation) gives mouthwatering taste and flavor to Poulet ala mautarde. France is very popular for fashion, perfume but this is also true that the first hotel established
by using the word Hotel was in Paris in 1760 and named as “Hotel Garni” which means aroma. Before that it was called Hotelleries, which used to provide food and accommodation commercially. Everyone should try different varieties of cuisine, and this is one of the famous French food. Food recipe always provide the complete recipes for cooking. The ingredients and quantity required to make this item for 2 portions is just given below…………..

Boneless chicken
400 gm
Mustard sauce
20 gm
4 tbsp
20 gm
Chop onion
1 medium
Chop garlic
1 tsp
To taste/ 1 tsp
Béchamel sauce (see sauce theory for preparation)
5 tbsp
Black pepper
Grilled tomato
3 pieces
Grilled potato
3 pieces

1.      Marinade the chicken with mustard sauce for 30 minutes.
2.      Heat oil and butter cook the marinade chicken for 45 seconds, keep separate.
3.      Again heat oil in a wok (1tsp) and add chop onion and chop garlic and cook until little/light brown.
4.      Add salt and béchamel sauce, add cooked chicken and again cook on slow/low fire.
5.      Add black pepper and cream cook for 8-10 minutes in low fire.
6.      Serve in full plate with grill tomato and potato.

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